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A Strat for Friday #7


Molinelli G-Spot GuitarThis guitar needs no sexy title, just the same, the ".G-Spot" model from *Molinelli Guitars of Milan, Italy is aptly named! It's a standard model too-- the site also features a custom section (imagine that!).

This isn't the first Molinelli Strat for Friday we've featured.

For several beautiful, LARGE images of .G-Spot, click the *Strumenti and Chitarre links from Molinelli's home link above.

One way to describe what Fabio Molinelli does with the basic Strat platform is to imagine an American Corvette getting a Lamborghini makeover, or better yet-- how 'bout a Suhr dressed in Armani. This is not your old man's Strat!

Send anyone still looking for the G-Spot, to Stratoblogster!! Ciao Bella!!!

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