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Guitar teaching and lessons links

(photo: Michael Angelo Batio)

Online guitar lessons, links for guitar learning instruction, lessons, interactive tutorials, tips, software, materials, etc. There's bound to be something helpful here for sharpening your chops!

(Online video guitar tutorials/instruction)

(Realtime guitar classes online with live instructors)

(Extensive program of interactive video guitar lessons)

Eric Johnson DVD - The Art of Guitar

Warren Haynes DVD- Electric Blues and Slide Guitar DVD Set

Playing Through the Blues
(Blues guitar instruction course site)

50 Blues Backing Tracks
(Blues guitar instruction course site-- lots of video and variety!)

Music Learning Source
Cutting edge courses for learning Tab and Ear Training with DVD's included. Specific applications include Blues Harmonica and Bass, in addition to various Guitar instruction products.

(Lots of free guitar lesson video clips.)

Beginner's Guide to Guitar
Great newbie orientation on guitars, effects and accessories.

Video Tabs Archive is a no-nonsense, easy to navigate FREE web resource for beginning and intermediate players seeking tab and guitar lessons video clips.

Rob's Totally Awesome Guitar Teaching Handbook
Seattle guitar teacher Rob Hampton operates a very cool site and blog for learning guitar. Check out his new teaching manual:

Guitar Scale Magnets - A “Cheat Sheet” learning tool for the guitar that allows the player to QUICKLY locate where musical scale shapes begin on your guitar’s fretboard. Slap on the scale strip and start playing!

iPerform 3D - virtual lessons software, displays instructor from all angles including through a transparent neck from behind!

GHLZ (Guitar Hero Limit Zero) - Nothing to do with Guitar Hero video game. This link takes you to a page where you can download a FR*EE ebook which basically puts the elements and formulas of several popular self-help gurus into a context for guitar players. It's a fun read that's sure to inspire you and help get you out of any ruts as a musician and/or a person.

Program reviews post #1

Riff Of The Week - Youtube channel run by Dave Weiner - GIT Grad, Favored Nations Recording Artist and member of Steve Vai's band. Dave's videos will help you break down and learn great techniques for riffs and solos.

RhythmStrummer.com - Good site for beginners! Lots of strum along vids to help get new players going.

guitarlessons365.com - Free video lessons page by LA based player/teacher Carl Brown. Video lessons also include pdf downloads of materials covered. If you learn something from Carl and think he does a good job, then donate a few bucks via his Paypal donation link.

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