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Lava Cable-- When Only the Very Best Will Do!

(photo from www.lavacable.com)

Mark Stoddard (pictured) owns and operates Lava Cable, a gourmet custom cable supply business every guitar tone freak should know about. Lava Cable handles all the sexy cable lines, i.e. George L's, Mogami, Belden, Klotz, Zaolla, TARA LABS and much more. With all the best materials, Mark custom crafts guitar and mic cables, snakes, power cables, hook up cable, you name it.

Lindy Fralin himself is a Lava Cable client! Need I say more?

I will anyway-- you know me. What really makes Mark a multi-tasker, is the fact that he's also a career US Army officer who has been involved with wiring up the kind of equipment that absolutely has to work right-- do or die. This is where the strict quality standards and expertise in every Lava Cable product comes from. Mil-Spec baby!! As well as serving his country, Mark Stoddard is on a MISSION FOR TONE! A busy man.

This is the kind of guy who could hang out with Eric Johnson, Allan Holdsworth and Scott Henderson discussing "capacitance", for hours. To the rest of us, this simply means producing top quality cable products that make your gear sound the way it should. The motto for Lava Cable is "Let Your Signal Flow!"

Stop by www.lavacable.com and see Mark's fine menu of gourmet tone entrees!
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