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Latest Stratoblogster Blogroll Friends

I'd like to welcome and introduce these blog buds:

  • ABC Learn Guitar Blog
  • Kathy is a guitar teacher with a straightforward blog and site that helps beginner and intermediate guitar players get oriented about guitars and playing, without distractions. An especially helpful and safe site for children!

  • Le Mondril du Monde
  • Here's a blog from Quebec mixing music and culture. Watch for cool music videos and refer to its great blogroll "Guitariste" category for all sorts of interesting guitar site/blog links. Yes, this blog is written in French, but don't let that stop you! Many links are to English sites.

  • Here Comes the Flood
  • A great music blog from Holland, LOADED with links and very current. Highly recommended resource on what many cool bands are up to. It's in English.

  • The Practice Room
  • Peter at workshoplive.com runs this blog that combines guitar topics with music culture/current events items that are good to keep up with.

    A cool music blog that keeps you informed on both Classic and Contemporary Rock guitar oriented news. Lots of great blogroll links here too! Pin It Now!