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John Fogerty Halftime Show Rocks!!

One of the Thanksgiving NFL halftime shows featured good ol' John Fogerty of CCR fame. I've been aware that Fogerty still records and gigs, but was really impressed at how healthy and focused this guy is today.

He looks great and plays his old tunes as if they were still fresh to him. I can't think of anyone in such good shape from his era. How about you? Remember that he was screwed out of his song rights for many years and finally won them back after long drawn out legal struggles. Imagine, having to win back something you created. That's more than enough to wear down your soul and make you old. But not him! I'm amazed-- God bless John Fogerty!

The guy must be a Buddhist or something. No baggage. Maybe he's hangin' with Tom Cruise and his crowd. Any Fogerty fans out there?
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