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Desiree Bassett: Strat-o-Sister!!!


Desiree Bassett, a 13 year year old from Connecticut, is an unstoppable source of power and joy on the guitar. At one of the the video links below, she performs "Circles" from Satriani's Surfing With the Alien!

Tell me, is that GUTSY or what?!!

I guess when you have unstoppable power and joy, guts just come naturally, even for a 13 year old girl in Connecticut. Desiree is currently in the studio with Doug Wimbish as producer. Doug is an established bass player who's worked with Living Colour, Madonna, The Rolling Stones, etc.

Does she play Circles exactly like Satch? That's not the point. The intriguing thing is how she plows through the tune and stays in time. She fills in with what she can do and tags in Satch licks whenever she can. So, you see she's improvising on her feet at ninety MPH with her hair on fire as she holds the structure of the tune, while having a great time! That, folks is beyond talent. It's literally surfin' with the alien! It's scary just how good Desiree may become. God bless her parents for their support! Check out Desiree at www.myspace.com/DesireeBassett

Additional youtube links: Circles, V-guitar, Outside, Blues

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