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Albuquerque's Bluesman: Todd Tijerina

My good friend Sir Harrison turned me on to Todd Tijerina (Tee-her-ee-na) from Albuquerque, New Mexico; a fellow Strat brother and serious bluesman!

After immersing himself in the Chicago Blues scene for 3 years of "undergraduate work", Todd headed back to the Southwest, an area which he heavily tours-- including the Rocky Mountain states, plus occasional trips back to Chicago. That's plenty of area for sure, but I know they'd love him in Europe and Asia as well.

Todd fronts a small Double Trouble tight trio (try saying that 5 times fast) and serves up righteous Strat tones, along with occasional Albert Collins wicked vibrato that sounds more buttery on a Strat than a Tele. Remember, too much Tele can be toxic. Also handling the vocal duties, Todd's voice reminds me of a very young Curtis Salgado.

Give a listen to "Desire Fear" at www.myspace.com/toddtijerinaband and pay attention to the lyrics too!! You can also visit the main website at: www.toddtijerina.com

If you happen to be venturing into the Southwest and New Mexico for bidness or pleasure, also check out The Platero's and Sir Harrison and the Blues Kings.


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