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Strat-o-Sisters Directory

Best Female Guitar Players!

girl guitar playersPhoto of the artist Bittybox courtesy of Bittybox.com. Photo ©2007 Deborah Davis

Here's a directory to all Strat-o-Sisters' profiles. This page is updated with each new post.

These are Gals who put on those guitar wailin' boots for real! Yeah, these boots were made for pedal stompin'! And that's just what they'll do! 
Lava Retro in 8 colors!

Adrianne Simioni - Prog Rock
Aleks Sever - Progressive Blues
Alex Nolan Classic Rock
Alexandra Maiolo - Blues/Rock/Prog
Amy Schugar metal
Ana Popovic electric blues/jazz rock
Anoushka Shankar - Fusion SITAR
Ashly Badgett electric blues rock
BassGirl5809 - Amazing Young Bass Player 
Becky Barksdale electric blues
Bei Bei Gu Zheng artist
Bonnie Raitt electric & acoustic blues/pop
Carolyn Wonderland - blues
Chantel McGregor - Rock & Blues
Chelsea Constable - Progressive Rock & Blues
Colleen Reilly electric blues/jazz
Desiree Bassett rock/electric blues/metal
Drew Tichnell Texas Pop
Donna Austin - Electric Blues from the UK
Eilidh McKellar - Electric Blues Rock
Emily Elbert - Funky Alt
Erin McKeown folk/pop/swing
Erja Lyytinen Electric Blues
Francesca Di Fazi Acoustic & electric blues
Gretchen Menn - Rock
Hayley McLean - Blues, Roots & Country
Jacqueline Mannering young shred-o-sister
Jennifer Batten - Monster Virtuoso (horribly underrated)
Jessica Jezzy Lewis - electric rock & jazz
Joanna Connor - blues/slide
Jo Shaw Taylor electric blues/pop
Jodee Frawlee - Rock
Joyce Cooling jazz-rock-latin
Juliette Valduriez - Prog-Shred
Katalina Gonzalez - Fusion- latin -funk
Kat Dyson funk/R&B fusion
Kelly Richey electric blues/classic rock
Kristen Capolino - Rock
Laura Chavez Blues
Laura Duncan Blues Rock
Lauren Larson (UME) Garage Pop
Laurie Morvan Electric Blues
Leah Marie King Electric Blues
Lisa Baker jazz-rock/fusion
Lori Linstruth rock/metal/classical
Luna Lee - Korean Gayageum player
Lydia Warren electric blues/rock
Malina Moye - electric blues, funk & pop
Maria Aurigema electric blues/rock
Marissa Paternoster Punk Shredder
Mary Cary metal/pop/electronica
Mary Kaye First Strat-o-Sister
Meredith Brooks pop/rock
Moriah Martin southern rock/country-gospel
Natalie Wells - electric blues rock
Nili Brosh - Rock/Fusion
Nina Attal - electric blues rock
Nori Bucci progressive-fusion/acoustic
Orianthi electric blues/rock/metal
Rickie Lee Jones - her thing...
Rory Block - BLUES
Samantha Fish - Electric Blues
Sharon Aguilar - Pop/Rock
Susan Tedeschi Blues
Tatiana ParĂ¡ - Blues/Rock/Jazz 
Tal Wilkenfeld Bass
Teresa Russell - Blues Rock
Tracy Conover electric blues (Texas Blues)
Valerie Lee bassist chick for ClipBandits
Victoria Blanchard - Blues Rock/Prog
Zoe McCulloch instrumental/pop/rock/surf

Resources on the gals:

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Girl Rock Nation - Fender sponsored program.
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www.thewimn.com - The Women's International Music Network


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