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A Strat for Friday #2

Robin Trower Graphic by Paul Olsen

(image by Paul Olsen)

Today's Friday Strat actually represents a complete collectible series that doesn't exist. Mystery? Read on.

First of all, what you see is a graphic based on Robin Trower's first album: Twice Removed From Yesterday. The original album artwork was created by fine artist, Paul Olsen, the artist behind most of Trower's album covers-- Bridge of Sighs, For Earth Below, Long Misty Days, etc. A 2004 interview with Olsen, in Modern Guitars Magazine details a project involving the creation of a series of Robin Trower signature Strats featuring the graphics of all Trower's Paul Olsen album art. Just click on the Modern Guitars link or the image, for that interview and an entire array of these concept strats, which would sell for $10K each. They're beautiful!

If you're a Trower fan and loved all those album covers too, you'll appreciate looking at all the images. It's also cool to know more about the artist.

Sadly, according to Olsen's website, "the deal fell through" and these guitars were never made.

Paul Olsen's website is: www.olsenart.com

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