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Pacifica Guitar- A Classic Look

Here's another take on the icon of electric guitar design. Our friends at the Lazy F Ranch put their name on products made around the world, so I'm not obliged to be nationalistic here. It's not a case of "buy a Harley & buy American". That just isn't the case with the Icon and it's primary producer.

As a guitar teacher, I've felt quite comfortable recommending Yamaha guitars to anyone, simply because they are set up well, have tuners that tune and can be intonated. There's nothing worse than when a young player with a flakey instrument blames himself when the guitar won't tune and won't play in tune up and down the neck. These Pacificas are an excellent value if your budget doesn't allow an American Special Deluxe Custom Heritage Whatever, a Suhr, Tom Anderson or a Valley Arts.

I love 'em all, but right here, we're pluggin' this Pacifica612V as our special of the week. A whole lotta love in the $600 range.

Yamaha Pacific 612V

Yamaha Pacifica 612V

Yamaha Pacifica 612V Body: Flamed Maple Top / Alder Body Neck: Maple Fingerboard: Rosewood Pickups: Yamaha Single Coil Pickups X 2, Seymour Duncan JB Humbucker X 1 Hardware: Diecast Chrome, Grover Locking Tuners Finishes: Translucent Black, Natural, Orange Stain

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