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More Wah Wah Pedal Models Planned?

wah pedal spec variations


Since there's a need for so many wah wah pedal model variations (see earlier post), we thought we'd pitch in a few more for good measure. Maybe the Dunlop folks will offer me a job-- or send Jules (photo) to see me.

1) The Emeril "Bam Wah"- Housing includes built-in cheese grater.

2) The "Harley Wah" - "Potato-potato-potato-potato" allows guitar to simulate Hot For Teacher intro. without drummer.

3) "I Love Lucy Wah"- A nearly life-like screaming "RICKY!!!" when you step on it.

4) "Van Morrison Wah" - Switchable to "do-do-you-do, do-do-do-you-do..." setting (also called "Blue Money Wah").

5) "Whole Lotta Wah" - Allows guitarists to simulate Robert Plant's legendary Led Zeppelin II howlin' and moanin' and shreakin' sounds with a simple push of the pedal.

6) "William Shatner Wah-Delay" - I'll let you figure that one out.

7) "James Brown Wah", aka "Godfather of Wah", aka "Hardest Working Pedal in Show Business" - You can figure that one out too.

8) "Walken Wah" - Pedal blends classic wah sound with genuine simulated cowbell tones. Multiple settings include: Wah, Wah-Cowbell, Wah-More Cowbell, Just Cowbell & More Just Cowbell. (model comes with DVD tutorial and one year tech support)

9) "Swiss Army Wah" - This pedal combines features of 90% of the other models, plus a cork puller, at a cost of only 30% above the next highest price model. You do the math folks. (this model prohibited as a carry-on luggage item)

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