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More Guitar Headstock Design Fun!

Fury BBM Guitar(photo from www.furyguitar.com)

In the previous post, I went off a bit about headstock designs-- you might read that one first and then come back up here.

Welcome back! Pictured is a Fury model BBM. I'm just getting aquainted with Fury, a Canadian company, but understand they've been around since 1962. How about that--pre CBS! You know Canadian Broadcasting Service. Uh yeah, that's it.

Back to headstocks here. Fury has a cute headstock I like to call "abbreviated", for lack of a better term, besides "cute", which is what Americans usually refer upon ANY animate or inanimate object smaller than normal in size. Now the Fury headstock, though not as abbreviated as a Parker headstock, is still every bit as cute, so leave it at that.

The ironic aspect is that although Fury's headstock shape stays totally out of lazy F ranch territory, the Fury logo is another story. You don't need to squint too much at the above photo to see what I mean. But so what? God bless 'em, that's what I say. They have good beer up there, so leave 'em alone!

But seriously folks, these people incorporate some innovative features including their own radical pickup design, bridges and a cool neck heel relief for easier upper fret access. Their website includes a "Reviews" section with some critical opinions-- giving me the impression that Fury is open to continual product improvement, unlike some companies who can do no wrong.

Take a closer look at www.furyguitar.com .
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