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More Great Music From Eastern Europe!

Pictured here is Dimitar Bozikov, guitarist from The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Once again, myspace provides a direct connection to fantastic art that might otherwise be missed. I have always wondered about music I will never hear, that may liberate my soul-- and by what chance of fate I should discover such music.

In addition to Dimitar Bozikov, my recent discoveries of Croatia's Ivan Mihaljevic , Serbia's Ana Popovic and Arkadiy Starodoub from Moscow, have opened my eyes, ears and heart to the amazing artists of Eastern Europe.

I do not even know if the above countries mentioned are on friendly terms. But I do know that music crosses all borders, and artists are those who create-- and not destroy. We need to hear more from this part of the world, because there is much highly creative music being made there.

The music of Dimitar Bozikov has many very cool influences and high production values. Most Americans would love this music if they only had a clue it existed. So please visit Dimitar and treat yourself to their awesome music at: www.myspace.com/dimitarbozikov
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