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Lori Linstruth: Strat-o-Sister of the Multi-task!

Guitar girl Lori LinstruthOct. 30, 2006

I could head in multiple directions telling you about Lori Linstruth, but I'll try to stay concise, yeah right, and let you visit the links provided. When you visit Lori's links and blog: "Play Like a Girl", and really look around, you'll discover that this Strat-o-Sister has a lot goin' on!
(Her blog directory includes links to Problogger and 43folders-- Come on!!)

In addition to a highly polished legato guitar approach, incorporating the influences of Uli Jon Roth, Michael Schenker, Brian May and other guitar innovators, a pattern of high standards threads its way throughout the quality of Lori's websites, video and audio trailers, webdesign, marketing style, etc. Her fingerprints are seen throughout, even though she mentions a fondness for writing about herself in the 3rd person and appears to work with and through many others on various projects.

Lori could be laughing hysterically when reading this-- while also meticulously noting down my ridiculous sentence structure, punctuation and writing style.

But, Lori Linstruth's VIBRATO is what overwhelms and simply terrifies me the most! In the grand tradition of Schenker and May, both masters of expressive vibrato, Lori also adds a trem technique that makes you wanna grow up and quit calling it a "whammy bar". It's operatic and mature beyond the dive-bombastics of spandex past. Where Jennifer Batten conquered a male dominated territory with right hand technique, Lori Linstruth does it with phrasing!

Ya better check out Lori Linstruth... or else! That's all.

Play Like a Girl
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