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Light Pick Migrates to Pacific NW

(The Light Pick, blinking guitar pick with flashing metronome LED effects, is a product of Santa Cruz Light Wells 'SCLW')

I caught one of these last week on my window sill!

Not unlike monarch butterflies, these "Light Pick" (illuminus pickius erecti) have evolved a similar migratory habit. After keeping it in a jar for a couple days, I decided to get brave and test this little guy out.

I guess the popular phrase, "Over the Top" can now be applied to the category of "guitar picks". Why would someone put so much effort and attention into technologizing
(is that a word?) the simple guitar pick?

Maybe it's just one of those "because it's there" things-- y'know, like the the first guy to climb
Mt. Everest or the skinny Japanese kid who ate 70 hotdogs in 20 minutes. Over the top!

Just to be serious for a moment, I found the Light Pick to be much more lightweight, slim and ergonomic than I figured it would be. Obviously designed by a musician with attention to finer detail, the Light Pick's tip shape, edges and centering truly seem to address playing enhancement. The flashing LED patterns can actually be programmed in a number of ways to act as both a visual effect and a metronome aid.

As for the price... I guess it all depends on how you look at it. I've spent more money on effects boxes that I ended up not liking. At least the Light Pick will attract attention and curiosity from club audiences who sometimes pay more attention to their hot wings order. Admit it, those goofy Hawaiian shirts and cheap sunglasses you've been wearin', just might not be winning against the bar appetizers they got these days.

And why should the rappers and hip-hoppers have all the bling stuff anyway? A Light Pick certainly makes more practical sense than wearing a hood ornament around your neck, right?

So be the first one on your block to invest in a Light Pick, write it off as a promo expense and clip it on your car key ring so you don't lose it-- yes! it's got a handy keyring hole! Then get your girlfriend a pair to wear as earrings, so that you can eat YOUR hotwings in peace between sets.

See, it all depends on how you look at it. Sometimes it works to be ridiculous!

Visit: www.sclw.net and www.myspace.com/sclw

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