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Jeff Cloud-- of the Strat Federation

Jeff Cloud GuitaristAs the Stat-o-world turns-- today we wanna introduce you to San Diego's own Jeff Cloud.

Jeff is another Strat brother who plays it the way Leo never intended... See, I have this cosmic theory about when the Strat was invented. Wanna hear about it? I'll tell ya anyway.

Picture if you will... Here we have Leo in his little radio shop, receiving subspace frequencies carrying instructions on guitar design. Leo dials into this transdimensional Tesla kind of zone, where he just nails things and doesn't completely understand why. I think the Stratocaster comes from a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

This was part of the master plan to prepare for Hendrix, Trower, Beck, EJ, SRV and others to arrive here and save Earth from dark forces seeking to destroy earth with accordian music and champagne bubbles.

Jeff Cloud is just another of that "arrival party" that continues to beam down. The recently released tribute to Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush, entitled "Second Hand Smoke", is proof of Jeff's strat-o-cosmic qualifications-- as Jeff is a featured artist, along with Ronnie Montrose, John Norum, George Lynch, Jennifer Batten and others.

Check out Jeff Cloud's intergalactic Strat tones at www.myspace.com/guitarplayerjeff

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