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Ivan Mihaljevic: Champion For All Guitarists !

October 17, 2006
I just got this message from my Strat-o-Brother in Zagreb, Croatia (Hrvatska):

"I have a new song on my profile!
It's named Showcase and it's a guitar instrumental showcasing some of the guitar techniques I use, without sounding completely unmusical and overplayed (at least that's what I was after).
You can hear alternate picking, legato playing, two-handed tapping, string skipping, sweep picked arpeggios, string skipping arpeggios and more inside this single song.
So check it out if you got the time...
Take care,

Though I appreciate Ivan's technical points, what I really appreciate and admire is the emotional tone of Ivan's music. His first track "Showcase" has that Steve Morse adventure and excitement aspect to it. The other tracks, which include cool vocals, express strong optimism and positive energy as well.

Ivan and his music are so important to feature because he lives in a part of the world that has experienced much pain, unrest and change. It's the artists of the world who must rise up and return love & sanity to the culture. Politicians fail, so it's up to the artists to heal the people.

Ivan Mihaljevic is doing his part and then some!

You got the time to visit and listen at:
April 2014 UPDATE:  http://www.ivanmihaljevic.com/

 Ivan's still rockin' and doing well!


Editor's note 10/24/06: Thanks to all the many visitors to this blog from Croatia and other parts of Eastern Europe! I'm noticing that Artists from this part of the world have extremely loyal and devoted fans. Also of note, the band INCITER let me know that Ivan Mihaljevic produced their album. Check them out at www.myspace.com/inciterband.

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