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Guitar Hero Competition '06 Winner

(photo from Lancasteronline.com)

Trey Alexander, pictured here with Joe Satriani, recently won Guitar Player Magazine's 2006 Guitar Hero Competition. Satch was one of the judges.

I'm not big on music competitions in general, however, Trey Alexander's story is very touching. Yes, Stratoblogster gets emotional sometimes.

Trey was very fortunate to have a father who totally supported his guitar playing; a gross understatement on my part, which you'll find out by reading the story yourself from Trey's hometown online newspaper. There's also a sad part to the story, but this is certainly a "good news" story. We like good guitar people news in the mainstream press, right?

Oh! And yes, you can hear Trey Alexander yourself at: www.myspace.com/treyalexander1 Satch picked a musician with soul as well as chops!!



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