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Extreme Makeover: Carlos Santana Edition

Orianthi Guitar GirlMeet guitar chick Orianthi, originally from Australia, now based in L.A. If you don't already know about this gal, it's high time you do. She has shared the stage with Steve Vai & Carlos Santana among others.

Am I featuring her simply because she's a hot guitar chick? The answer is yes and yes, however "hot guitar chick" doesn't begin to address the phenomenon of Orianthi.

(No, not a Strat-o-sister, but I'm waiving this PRS special permission to be here.)

Because nobody can cop Santana like Orianthi! I mean NOBODY- that's male, female or martian! She plays Santana better than Frank Marino plays Jimi. I exaggerate sometimes but NOT HERE! More than just the tone; she burns up the fretboard as well.

Go to www.myspace.com/orianthi and listen to track #1 "Lights of Manos"-- then tell me I'm exaggerating. Better yet, play a trick on your Santana fan friends; let 'em listen to this track and bet 'em paychecks this ain't Santana. Then split the winnings with Stratoblogster (most important part)!

So I'm thinking how cool it would be if Carlos brought her onboard for a sort of Jeff Beck/Jennifer Batten type gig. Makes total sense to me!! They could call it the "Beauty & the Beast Tour", bring in Disney & PRS-- and sell a few action figures too! Why should First Act Guitars hog all the merch these days??


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