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Brian Kahanek is Smooth Too !!

Don't let the cowboy hat throw you off!

Brian Kananek runs the gamut from Robin Trower to Chris Whitley-- and all points in between.

Currently based in LA, Brian cut his teeth down in Texas workin' in the music scene down there. You don't need me to tell you about that scene. There's probably more good guitar spouting forth from Texas than oil.

As we observe SRV's birthday today, we need to look straight ahead at artists like Brian Kananek who keep this kind of Electrified Blues chooglin'* along. You'll know where I'm coming from when you visit Brian's site and get a taste of his music.

On the smooth side, check out his "Orleans" tune. That one just floats you down the river. And no matter what Brian plays, the tone is Pure D genuine supremo Stratoblogster certified.

Go there now! www.myspace.com/briankahanek

*Finally! I get to use the word Chooglin'!


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