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Z.Vex Handmade Effects- Pretty Cool Huh?

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zvex hard on pedal
zvex johnny octave pedal Z.Vex guitar effects pedals are individually hand painted and hand built! You're looking at the Super Hard-On and Jonny Octave pedals. The product names are as wild as the paint jobs.

These folks build solid products and just don't want 'em looking like everyone elses. It's often tough at a glance to tell the difference between Boss, Maxon, Ibanez, etc., effects. NOBODY'S gonna confuse Z.Vex housings and pedals with anything else on the street.

The main title and bottom page link here takes you to their product demo video page. Simply click on any effects product, and you'll get a cool little QuickTime video demo. Z.Vex also makes
the "Nano Head" Amplifier series.

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