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Stolen Gear Resources for Musicians

stolen guitar registry recovery
Find missing and stolen guitars. Find out about theft proof Guitar Vaults and RFID Chip kits for your guitars and gear.

Recover your stolen musical instruments and gear, and IMPROVE your recovery chances.

The good folks over at the StolenGear.org blog (see first link below) , will post stolen equipment announcements for anyone who needs help getting the word out. Additional resource links are also included below.

We will also post any stolen gear alerts here at Stratoblogster. Bookmark these links, and meanwhile we'll all pray we never need them. Make sure to keep up-to-date gear records and practice good security with your stuff. Enough said.

SNAGG RFID Microchip retrofit implants for your instruments and gear. Just like the ID chips your vet puts in pets. Secure your guitar with SNAGG RFID Chips before they get stolen.

Stolen Music Instrument Recovery Project:
(features search for eBay, Craig's List & Guitar Center Used Inventory)

GearTrack Musical Instrument Registry
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