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SRV Superglue Stories (revisited)

I have no doubt that SRV must have had finger tissue issues, based on how he played, how much he played and the heavy string guages he used.

The human body just couldn't regenerate callus as quickly as he was wearing it down. Imagine being on tour and doing 2 shows per night, 5-6 days a week.

People are counting on you. You gotta be tougher than Firestone tires... oops, bad analogy.

Two of the more interesting details I've read describe, 1) the use of superglue to prevent the nail seperation from the finger-- and 2) SRV applying superglue to fingertips, then immediatly sticking them to his right arm followed by ripping his left hand free from the right arm; resulting in an instant "skin-graft" to his finger tips.

I can relate to #1, but it doesn't seem like arm skin would be that tough compared to callus. I personally would have grafted from my heels. But perhaps the combination of a superglue layer with any skin would be a benefit. SRV's right arm must have been gnarly.

Can we still say "gnarly"?

Then there's Tony Iommi-- but we're not going there.

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