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The Plateros: A Lot Going On Here!

What do I mean by "A lot going on here"?

How about a serious blues/rock band whose members span two generations of a Native American family, hailing from a Navajo reservation in New Mexico and performing as a ministry for their Christian faith. That's a lot going on!

Meet The Plateros! A TIGHT family who love the lord, love their heritage and love playin' the blues with energy and conviction!!

Remember that the blues come from the gospel and people of the earth. The Plateros originate from Tohajiilee, New Mexico. Tohajiilee is the Navajo term for "Drawing of Water". They call their style NATIVE AMERICAN BLUES MUSIC, and combine rock, blues & funk with the influences of SRV, Los Lonely Boys and Indigenous. It's hard drivin' stuff too!

Their purpose is to bring different peoples together. Why am I not surprised. It's an honor to profile The Plateros here at Stratoblogster.

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