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Native Tones the Sir Harrison Way

Sir Harrison and the Blues Kings!

We recently did a profile on The Plateros, a Navajo family blues band from New Mexico.

Now we gotta stop in Arizona to acknowledge Sir Harrison, also a Navajo, who fronts up Sir Harrison and the Blues Kings! This guy's got the Little Wing/Lenny tones that every Strat lover wants!! He calls them "Native Tones" and he's right, and here's why.

Thinking about Sir Harrison and The Plateros reminded me of some 1930's Library of Congress recordings I once heard on NPR. The recordings were of traditional Navajo singers; a large group of Navajo men singing with the soul and feeling I could only associate with a black gospel choir! It was WAY beyond how Native American singing is portrayed in our old cowboy movies. You can't even compare it. What a treasure that our mainstream culture has no clue about!

With that, it should be no surprise to hear great soul and beauty when our Native American brother picks up a Stratocaster.

"With the power of soul, anything is possible." Jimi Hendrix

Experience Sir Harrison at www.myspace.com/sirharrison.


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