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Why Do More 'Steve's' Play Guitar?

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Has anyone noticed how the name "Steve" dominates guitar culture?

There is a disproportionate amount of Steve's at the high end of guitardom.

If you look up Steve in a baby name book, it doesn't state, "He who plays guitar". So what gives? Is this another one of God's little pranks? This really bugs me.

"What's up, Steve!"

Here are just a few:

Steve Vai
Steve Lukather
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Steve Morse
Stephen Stills (Stephen with the "ph" counts)
Steve Howe
Steve Cropper
Steve Hackett
Steve Hunter
Steve Hillage
Miami STEVE Van Zant
Steve Khan
Steve Miller
Steve Kimock
Steve Turner
STEVE STEVENS (double points right?)
Steve Gaines
Steve Jones
Stephen Ross
Stevie Salas
Steve Tibbets
Stefan Grossman (counts)
Stephan Bennett
Steve Baughman
Steve Wariner
Steve Smyth

 (ok, so I'm starting to surf them up now...)

Steve Trovato
Steve Fister
Steve Topping
Steve Philpott
Steve Daly
Steve Tobin
Steve Hardy
Steve Underwood
Steve Hoskins
Steve Weber
Steve Mason
Steve Fahlsing
Steve Shoepp
Steve Anderson
Steve Denyes
Steve Rotter
Steve Booke
Steve Riddle
Steve Saluto
Steve Cunningham
Steve Laputa
Steve Pappas
Steve Mesple
Steve Woolverton
Steve Roach
Steve Hubbard
Seasick Steve (This Steve is always opposite end of the spectrum from Steve Vai)

Additional trivia-- The top two Google searched guitar Steves are Steve Vai & Stevie Ray Vaughan. No surprise there. The most popular Steve on the web is Steve Jobs, not a guitarist, nor is Steve Buscemi. And although Steve Martin plays banjo, he's not on our list. Excuuuuuuuuuuuse me!

BTW, my name is Joe.

If you ever want to look up any guitar player, whether he or she's a Steve or not, check out the following sites:




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