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More Idiot Reviews...

I need to stay away from the newsfeeds.

Red Hot Chili Peppers are on tour now too. This is a big one kids! New album, big popular band, big label, big tour, they gotta lotta nice girls-- aha heh heh heh. Wait, this isn't a little band from Texas-- they're not THAT big.

Back to the newsfeed. The author of a recent RHCP show review refers to John Fruscianti as a "Jesus Look-alike".

Now, I'm thinkin' wow... is this some heavy metaphysical, serendipitous trip of enlightenment or what? How does one earn this-- is it merely a "looks" thing? Should we involve Michaelangelo's cousin?

Does Eric Clapton know about this? Does he approve? I have so many questions! Sure, maybe it is time to pass the torch and title of "Son of Son of God" or something to that effect.

Y'know, Guthrie Govan kinda looks like Osama, but with a couple minor adjustments he could earn a Jesus look alike too. Whatever ya gotta do to stroke the mainstream music press, let's get on with it... pass those panties over here! Point is, a guitarist today needs to be exceptional to get the God title thing. So, send those makeover coupons to Guthrie and help him get the recognition he deserves.

There ya have it folks. A twisted review for a twisted world. Click the link above to hear a real candidate for Messiah. Oh, there are others too, but not Fruscianti. So sorry, not Fruscianti!

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