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John Suhr: Strat-O-Guru

Suhr Root Beer Top(photo from

Pictured is a deep rich flame maple top on an ash body. Looks like you could pour it on waffles!!

John Suhr has been building guitars for a long time. He builds super gourmet guitars. Scott Henderson plays Suhr guitars exclusively. I heard it in a Henderson interview. Scott said, "I play Suhr guitars exclusively." I guess that makes Suhr a "Strat-o-guru" alright!

Suhr has worked around the industry; an alumni of Schecter and Fender's Custom Shop.

If your cookie jar is running over, and you don't know what to do with all that moola, ya might check out one of these babys. Suhr even makes tuned, chambered bodies!! You can't beat a tuned chambered body! Just ask Scott Henderson. Did I mention that Scott plays Suhr exclusively?

Visit Suhr Guitars by clicking the title link or the bottom one.

Click here for an interview piece with John Suhr and educate yourself on American guitar building culture.

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