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Jeff Beck '54 Esquire- Rough & Ready

(photo from electric-guitar-review.com)

According to the folks at Electric Guitar Review (a reputable guitar blog), Fender is recreating 150 of these at an anticipated cost of $10K each. As you can imagine, a tremendous amount of manhours go into wearing a guitar out like this.
A clearer photograph will not improve matters here. Deal with it.

For more details, you should visit Electric Guitar Review.

I imagine Jeff keeping this one out on the workbench near his hotrods. During builds and between knuckle busting with his wrenches, Jeff probably picks it up to maintain his chops and release his frustrations with the chrome shop down the road. Then, between builds, Jeff loads up his Strats and heads for the studio or the road; leaving the Esquire chained up back in the garage to guard the lathe, while Jeff "baby's" the Strats on tour. This is just my imagination, runnin' away with me.

But I'm really wondering how long it will take Jeff to "distress" all 150 of these before shipping them back to Fender. He's certainly got all the tools in-hand, but also near retirement age.

If you have the same tools, you won't have to spend $10K on one of these. Give Jeff a break and wear out your own guitar. Don't let Fender run Jeff in a sweatshop like this!

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