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Guitar Hero Collectables- What? No Keef?

This is an officially licensed, limited edition numbered figure; produced by Knucklebonz at www.guitarhero.net

Only 3000 of these Hendrix pieces will be made.

Go over there and check these out! It's about time that figurines of legendary guitarists came out. Why should Disney and the WWF, dominate the market? Or how about the plates with Elvis, Marilyn, James Dean, John Wayne and Norman Rockwell's work.

We needed something new. I'm disappointed they don't have a Keef Richards figure though. It could double as an insect repellant, or if placed out in the garden, also keep the crows away. Maybe they do have one but it's waiting EPA approval (boy I've been tough on Keef lately).

Throw a couple of these on the mantle and impress everyone at your next bongo party or weenie roast!

I bet you think I get paid to talk about this stuff. You'd be wrong! Most of what I've blogged about lately ain't on my gravy train. This included. Oh, the Tabasco boxers are-- buy a pair, so that I can get my $1.99 Amazon commission, ok.

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