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Funky Lil Beau's Extra-Crunchy Strat Tone-Butter!

I've been surfing myspace a lot-- checking out the great bands. Yes, THE BANDS!!

When I find someone especially cool, I blog about 'em. This helps promote artists deserving recognition and hopefully keeps my blog interesting. I need lots of help in that area!

In Google Images, there are a few buildings named Beau Hall, but the real Beau Hall, also known as "Funky lil Beau", is pictured here. Founding member of Atlanta's funky-- Beau Hall & The Magnificent 7 (hope I have that straight), Beau is one Stratofunkster you gotta check out. A real entertainer who keeps his fans loose and refers to them as "Beaudists", he also includes Dunkin' Donuts Coffee, in his gear list. One of the 4 tunes on his myspace player-- titled: "Turning My Demons a Loose", does just that. So adust your speakers accordingly when selecting that one, or Beau's demons are likely to turn your cones loose.

Oh yeah, Beau revealed that the Extra-Crunchy Deepfried, FrankenStrat tone he gets in the tune actually comes from a hopped up Tele!!

I think that must mean during the night, his Strat "hopped up" on top of the Tele and... well, you know...

Go listen for yourself at: www.myspace.com/funkmusician

Also, click here to visit Beau's main website, where he's promoting a new indie album titled "UNH!". And when you are in the Atlanta area, you know who you gotta check out.


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