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Finland Crazy for Guitar !

In case you didn't know this-- Finland is like some guitar mecca; another Austin, Tx or something.

Serious! They have and love "all things guitar" up there. I found a directory site just for Surf Guitar in Finland (full of Strat images, I might add). Obviously, lots of shredders up there too, but you kinda expect that.

Oh yeah! Remember Air Guitar? Something we do when we drink too much, right? Well, Air Guitar is really big in Finland! There are these international organizations for air guitar competitions, nowadays-- and Finland seems to be behind it. I'm not sure how much they drink up there, I'm just saying they are guitar crazy that's all. And that's a good thing, right!!

Finally, let's talk about the photo-- oh yeah, the photo. Meet Elmo Karjalainen, from-- you guessed it, FINLAND! Elmo is a progressive rock instrumental guitarist. He plays the kind the kind of solos that I play air guitar to (but only on holidays).

What stands out about Elmo's playing is the great tones he gets; his Allan Holdsworth "blow into the note" attack and very expressive phrasing. Able to shred with the best of them, Elmo also likes to stretch out his notes and phrases in a tasteful melodic fashion-- showcasing his tonal range and trem approach. And, he's a Strat Man! That's my Finland report. Stay tuned for further updates.

Visit Elmo Karjalainen and his music at www.myspace.com/elmokarjalainen


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