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Eric Gales-- Eric WAILS !!!

Talk about a churnin' urn of burnin' funk !

Let's talk about Eric Gales ! If you don't know about Eric Gales, it's high time you do. Eric was born and raised in Memphis, and comes from a big musical family. He plays his Strat left handed and upside down, ala' Albert King. Actually, playing this way is a family tradition passed down from Eric's grandfather. Check out the picture and see that the low E is closest to the floor.

Albert King fans know the wicked vibrato that comes from grabbing those high strings and squeezin' them downward; like milking the cow.

The man's gotta have a serious grip!

Jeff Healey's over-the-neck approach gets a similar result.

Eric's sound, tone and attitude are ultra-BAD too. Listen to "Retribution" on Eric's Myspace site. It's like the smell of jet fuel and the blast of F-15 exhaust in your face!

Click the links to read more about Eric, listen to clips and check his tour schedule!


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