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Drew Tichnell Slings Strat and Sings PHAT !

Drew Tichnell and Stratocaster(photo from http://www.myspace.com/drewtichnell)

I had to follow up the previous post with something more easy on the eyes, kids. They say that Austin, TX has more guitar players per capita than any other city, but they don't say what percentage of them are Foxy Strat-0-sisters. Meet Drew Tichnell from Austin, TX. Drew was recently voted Best Female Rock Vocalist on Garageband.com . Though she's not the primary guitarist in her band, and mostly focuses on her singing-- like any higher fashion conscious gal, Drew recognizes the importance of accessorizing.

And really, what better accessory than a Stratocaster !

Just remember that Sammy Hager wasn't the main guitarist in his biggest gig... and he wasn't nearly as cute as Drew Tichnell either.

Visit Drew and her fine blue Strat at: http://www.drewtichnell.com/ or click on the image.
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