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Doug Rappoport: Edgar's Newest Frankenstein !

From Doug's humblest beginnings as mild mannered boarding school student, dreaming of EVH greatness in his tiny & lonely dorm room-- little did anyone know of the monster lurking within. Much less young Doug himself. But someday, a call for help from an unsuspecting rock legend would once again unleash this monster in a new form and even greater ferocity than once ruled the FM kingdom.

Layin' it on pretty thick, huh. It's the caffeine...

Anyway, it's simple to say that Doug worked quite hard, and steadfastly maintained focus on his dreams, to magnificent results. But that would be boring.

Instead, I believe that at some point, Doug Rappoport was abducted by alien beings. And after surfing with the alien beings for some time, they were pleased and bestowed upon Doug a mystic potato head grooveness which Doug brought back to earth... It could happen!

Not content as a mere mortal sideman, though in most regal company, Doug continues to craft his grooveness towards a solo project, as the surfers approvingly watch from the mothership above.

Go listen now: www.myspace.com/dougrappoport


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