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Custom Strat to Commemorate Great American Event

Pictured is a sample section of the actual wood being used to create a Vice Presidential Custom Strat; intended to memorialize one of our great statesmen. It's very rare that a vice president gets the opportunity to make an important impact on those around him, much less his country.

The "Dickwood ST-HSS" will feature shotgun shell knobs, gun-site position markers, a special "Double Barrel Series" humbucking pick-up in the bridge position (mfd by See-Less Drunken), and optional hunter orange pickguard. The reflective safety pickguard is included loose; leaving you the install option.

The included case will incorporate a first aid kit and mini-cooler in center compartment, normally reserved for picks, strings, etc. Similar to the earlier Presidential model (see link), which came with six bottles of cabernet wine in a custom box-- the VP edition will sport a six-pack of Schlitz Malt Liquor (16 oz. cans) in your choice of paper or plastic tote.

No determination at this time as to how many units will be produced, however we understand that no rainforest materials will be used, and no human testing involved.

Watch out for the Dickwood!

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