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New Strat pickups from DiMarzio

DiMarzio Area 58 and 61 PickupsDiMarzio's Area '58 and Area '61 pickups are now available! These hum free-noiseless "vintage" style strat pickups were introduced at the '06 NAMM show, and profiled in the October '06 Guitar World CD video product review.

Similar to the pickups used in Fender's Eric Johnson Strat, the 58 & 61's incorporate vintage look and tones with effective hum & noise cancellation technology. Guitar World likes these DiMarzios. The October '06 reviewing issue featured Kirk Hammett on the cover.

Available at Musician's Friend:

DiMarzio DP415 Area '58 Pickup Aged White

DiMarzio DP416 Area '61 Pickup Aged White


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