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Marshall TSL601 60W Combo

Marshall TSL 601 Combo Amp Not long ago I got to test drive Marshall's TSL601 sixty watt combo. I used a Clapton Signature Strat (pre-amp disabled), and was just blown away by this little giant of an amp. The 601 cabinet only holds one 12" speaker, so it's narrower than my old two 10" Vibrolux Reverb cab. Although there are plenty of small combos out there putting out high db's, the two EL34's also help contribute to that big Marshall tone; one only expects from 100 watts into a stack. It was impressive! Having played through 6L6's, most of my life, the aggressiveness of the EL34's really grabs my attention.

And, with the TSL601, you don't need a hand truck, dolly or a chiropractor on call. That's right-- don't need no stack-- so save your back.

2009 Ed note: Discontinued Model CLICK HERE for eBay Marshall Directory & other hi-end amp listings.
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