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Let Pamelina H. Paint Your Strat

Most of Fender's Commemorative models and many Custom Shop paint projects are created by fine artist Pamelina Hovnatanian, simply known as Pamelina H. in the biz.

In addition to various other mediums, Pamelina has done around 2000 guitars, including many, many Strats. Pictured is Fender's Playboy 40th Anniversary model, featuring Marilyn Monroe's classic 1954 centerfold.

Similar to the iconic status of the Harley Davidson motorcycle, the Strat shape is the icon of electric guitar and lends itself well as a platform for custom graphics. Anyone, with sufficient inventory in the finance dept., can have Pamelina create a masterpiece with their axe.

Click here to view all the guitar galleries on Pamelina's website.

Click here for her infopage on how you can have your guitar done.
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