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Bonnie Raitt: Matriarch of the Stratocaster !

Basically, "matriarch" means Big Momma. I have lots of reasons for featuring Bonnie Raitt today, besides the fact that she probably deserves the title, "Matriarch of the Stratocaster"

First of all, Bonnie promotes several causes helping many many people. One of my favorites includes her being a founding member of the Rhythm & Blues Foundation, an organization which helps support retired musicians, many of whom wrote classic blues and soul tunes, but got screwed out of their royalties.

She also provides continued support of those affected by Hurricane Katrina. Click here to learn more about the efforts Bonnie is involved with and find out how you may help too.

Bonnie Raitt is currently on tour, doing many of the Summer Festivals and late Summer Fair shows, promoting her most recent release, Souls Alike. Go to her homepage for current tour info. Don't tell me that the Strat in the above photo hasn't been played... and played some more.

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